Water Pumped Out of the Piney

To supply the Dickson County citizens with drinking water there was a pumping station put on the head waters of Piney River. This took place in the 1980’s, I believe.

After that during the 1990’s the citizens of East Hickman needed water so the Bon Aqua - Lyles Utility District put a pumping station in Piney River. You pass by this pumping station floating down our river trip. It is located on the left shortly after the first bridge you pass under. It is still in operation.

Now during the 2000’s the Bon Aqua Utility wanted to put in more water lines to supply more water to a new High School and more citizens.

I do appreciate that our water supply is a clean Piney River, but we did not want our water level to drop any more so many of us banded together to fight (the Don’t Pipe up the Piney Campaign). We were able to stop the loss of even more water. We are all very thankful.

My tables show that almost a 1/10 th of the amount of water flow is lost now. That is my personal calculations. I sincerely hope that everyone can help keep our river clean, healthy and enjoyable for all. We are very blessed to have this wonderful, picturesque body of water to spend our time with.

Gravel bar covered in snow.

Winter Snow

So Peaceful in the silence of snow falling. Look at the icicles hanging from the bluffs.

The camp is my Little piece of heaven
                                even in the winter months.

The camp is my Little piece of heaven even in the winter months.

Snow on top of the leaned over tree. The gravel bar and river look so peaceful.

Snow on top of the leaned over tree. The gravel bar and river look so peaceful.

Snowman on the gravel bar.

That is one big snowman. Don't push to hard it looks like it might topple over.

Kathy in the snow at the campground.

Piney's Bald Eagle

A Bald Eagle has made the Piney river his home. The eagle has been spotted many times over the years. Especially in the winter and spring. My daughters saw him while floating this spring.

Eagle in tree on the back fence line of the property.

He was perched in a tree on the backfence line of the Pinewood Canoe & Camp LLC property. This was the first day this year we got a photo.I hope that all of you are lucky enough to get to see him.

Eagle flying over the camp.

He took off in flight and then turned and came back toward me.

Eagle sitting in a tree in the spring.

Perched in a tree in the spring. I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I do.

Flood water onto the roof of the store building.

The flood on May 1 and May 2, 2010

A major flood on May 1 and May 2, 2010. There are flood pictures, devastation and clean up efforts. Thanks to everyone who helped us get our beautiful place on the Piney back. I took this photo from across the road. The small trees are across the road at the bottom of the hill where we have parking.

Flood water up across the road.

The view of the office and store building mostly underwater from the hillside.

Flood water in the second story of the store.

This is the water on Saturday. It was even deeper on Sunday as you can see below. The wooden storage building has been washed away.

Flood water up to the trailer.

This is the trailer across the road on Sunday. We would have never dreamed that the water could get up and be across the road at all much less this high.

Backside of the store building foundation washed out.

This is the back side of the camp house & store, the flood washed out under the foundation.

The gates and floor of the shed tangled.

The gates and the floor to the shed were a tangled mess. Parts of the shed were buried 12 feet deep under the newly deposited gravel.

The inside of the store. Everything is covered in mud.

What a mess inside the camp store. The water was at least 5 feet in the upstairs which means the store level was totally under water.

The road was washed out and impassible.

This is our camping bottom with a new layer of sand and gravel. There should be plenty of sand for volleyball this summer. Cleanup has made all start to look better.

Piles of wood and debris.

Looking from river toward the camphouse. There were lots of trees felled from the flooding water.

Gravel bar is steep and eroded.

The gravel bar had been eroded to give a steep slope and ridges throughout.

Campgound is string to get cleared of debris.

Starting to get things picked up.